Facilities design and installation

PLEAMAR has more than 15 years of experience in the design and construction of aquaculture facilities.

This means a clear and careful approach of the design of the aquaculture systems from the beginning, a wide knowledge of the functional needs of the people who must then handle these complex RAS systems and a constant updating of the latest technological innovations in aquaculture.

This guarantees functional and comfortable facilities with the best technological features.

Facilities design and installation
plan de cultivo y produccion

Development of culture plans

PLEAMAR has powerful and versatile culture plan development tools that will adapt your production to your needs.

What does this imply for my aquaculture farming plans?

From a realistic view of the starting situation, the cultivation plans will be fully adapted to the space you have available, your objectives and your budget.
Through our consultancy, you will discover the viability of your project, its schedule and the results to be obtained.

No more and no less than you need.

Materials supply

We work with the best and most reliable suppliers of any type of material you need. We know that it is a very specialised market and the cost of a bad supplier can be expensive for your business. We have already walked that road.

From a simple valve to the highest quality UV filter. Our suppliers include CEPEX, GRUNDFOS or VGE.

suministro materiales acuicultura
asesoria y consultoria acuicultura

Consultancy services